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Hi, I'm Bella, a female AKC Pomeranian, and this is my sister, Zoe. We were born May 26th from Orion and Bat Girl, so we are 8 weeks old now. Orion and Bat Gilr are both AKC Registered, and we can be too. Momma says we will be about 5 - 6 lbs when we grow up, just like our parents. Time will tell. She takes good care of us.

Both of us are Sable, though I have a little more cream in the face than my sister. If you have any questions about what we will look like as adults, visit our Pomeranian Colors page, or just ask.

Bat Girl lives in Scottsdale and the girls are with their mother. We are not selling the girls for her, but merely directing people to the owner because they were sired by Orion. We can help you make an appointment with the owner to see the puppies.

We are ready for our new homes! We’re in Scottsdale, Arizona, right now. If you don't live nearby, someone can fly out and bring me to meet you at a local airport for the cost of airfare. (US Airports only)

Can I come play at your house?

The owner is asking $2000 for each.

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