Tilly’s Litter on April 29th Post 1

Tilly’s Litter was born April 29th.
As you can see, she has four beautiful babies.
All four are boys.
Two are Cream, and the other two are Black & Silver.
They are all AKC registered and range in price from $1700 – $2000.
They will be ready for their homes on June 25th.

Lil’ Cream weighed 3.6 oz at birth, and is tracking to be about 5 lbs. As such, we are asking $2000 for him.

Lots ‘o Cream weighed in at 4.6 oz at birth and is tracking to be around 6 or 7 lbs. We are asking $2000.

Tilly’s Black & Tan boys are both modified (we suspect) by the chinchilla gene, turning their tan points silver. As such, they are both Black & Silver and are expected to stay that way. We are asking $1700 for each of them.

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