Puppy Deposit Policy

We do not accept deposits prior to the date of birth. Usually the price of the puppy is determined by color, gender, size, and registration, which are known or fairly certain at birth. One other factor affects price and desirability; eye color.

Merle puppies are the only Pomeranians we have which may have blue eyes. Eye color cannot be determined with any level of certainty before six weeks. As demand is high, and we do not want to create an auction situation, we have decided to institute the following policy which is subject to change.

When a litter of merle puppies is born, we will begin accepting deposits on the day of their birth. At six weeks old, the first person giving a deposit will have first pick of the litter, and so forth. The prices will also be finalized at that time.

Anyone who is unsatisfied with the selection of puppies when it is their turn will have the option of receiving a full refund on their deposit or applying that deposit to any other litter which may have been born in the mean time.

Given the number of people who want blue-eyed merles, we feel this is the most fair method for accepting deposits.

Also, please be aware you must read and sign the Purchase Agreement / Health Guarantee before the deposit is accepted. It can be found here: Purchase Agreement / Health Guarantee